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Make up to US$70 per paying customer!

1-4 signups a month $50/signup
5-10 signups a month $55/signup
11-19 signups a month $60/signup
20+ signups a month $70 /signup
The more paying customer you refer the more you make!  We give the best returns on the Internet!

Example: If you send us 20 sign-ups in any month you will get $70x20 = $1400
Prices are quoted in US Dollars


Here are some reasons to refer Clients to us:
  • The more paying customer you refer, the more you earn.
  • You don't have to be one of our Clients to join.
  • Monthly payout directly into your bank accounts.

It's easier than you think to be a JullienMorgan.Com's affiliate.  Start with yourself and your family.  Do you think you need a personal site for your family?  How about an online photo album?  Refer yourself and that is one sign-up that make you an instant US$50.

Think of your friends.  Do you all share the same or similar interests?  A website would be ideal for you.

Do you know anyone who has a business?  The most economical way of advertising is via the internet and more and more businesses are launching their sites everyday for this sole purpose.

Do you belong to a neighborhood church or is affiliated with any educational institution?  Websites are great for these organizations.  Many schools and churches raise most of their funds through their websites.  It will pay for itself over time.

Once you confirm with the person/s, business organizations or institutions you referred that they have paid us to offer web design services, please contact us immediately and we will log your referral in our system.  Provide us with your contact information and local bank account number and by the last business day on or before the 10th of every month your commission payments will be deposited into your bank account.  Guaranteed.

Start referring Clients and start getting paid today.





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Website Design

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